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About Canamedics

Pharmaceutical Grade Cannabis Flowers

Canamedics Labs' goal is to develop and provide pharmaceutical grade cannabis solutions for the treatment of patients with chronic pain and other ailments.

The company sets its foundations on premium quality, consistency and innovation.

Canamedics Labs focuses on the production of high pharma grade cannabis flowers under EU GMP standards.

High pharma grade cannabis flowers

State-of-the-art indoor crops

EU GMP standards

Research & Development

+ Innovation

Canamedics Labs is the first and only company in Barcelona licensed to grow cannabis.  

Canamedics' main pursuit is the research and development of innovative pharmaceutical products and processes, as well as integration of genetics based on clinical and therapeutic needs.

Our R&D programs together with renowned public institutions such as IRTA and CRAG promote the pharma-agronomic development.

Licensed medical cannabis company

Unique and pharma cannabis genetics

Main therapeutic targets


Our Process

Canamedics' EU GMP state-of-the-art pharmaceutical grade premium cannabis process and facilities


Our Selection of Products

Canamedics produces pharmaceutical grade cannabis products  for patients, medicine development and clinical use.

All our products have gone through extensive research programs before becoming part of the Canamedics Selection of Poducts.

All our products are standardised according to pharmaceutical standards with a defined active ingredient composition.

The cultivation process is GACP (Good Agricultural and Collecition Practices). The manufacturing process is GMP-certified (Good Manufacturing Practices).

GMP is a requirement of the pharmaceutical industry and it ensures consistency in active ingredients, which can affect a medicine’s safety and efficacy.

Our pharmaceutical cannabis products are independently tested for desired properties by a specialised laboratory.

Canamedics constantly works to bring to the market the highest quality products, most adapted to the needs of medicine and research. 

The products listed above will be available in 2024.

Core of Canamedics' Selection of Products


CML001 BCN is the brand name for the cultivar Cannabis sativa L. ‘Platinum Delights’.

CML001 BCN has a high + THC ratio.  

This ratio is a desired composition for many groups of pacients but is rarely available consistently and in high pharmaceutical quality. 

This cultivar is produced by Canamedics to meet consistently premium quality for the needs of patients.

CML001 BCN will be available in the form of a flower in 2024.

Active ingredients

Terpene profile

moby dick.png

Product appearence



CML006 BCN is the brand name for the cultivar Cannabis sativa L. ‘Moby Dick’.

CML006 BCN has a high THC ratio.

It is the most widely used medicinal cannabis product composition and has been used in more researches than other product compositions. Nevertheless, the patients are lacking of indoor premium quality products.

This cultivar is produced by Canamedics to meet the best indoor pharmaceutical grade on the most widely used medicinal cannabis product composition.

CML006 will be available in the form of a flower in 2024

Active ingredients

Terpene profile


Product appearance



CML012 BCN is the Canamedics brand name of this variety of Cannabis sativa L. 'Thunderstruck'.

CML012 has a balanced ratio.

It is easily tolerated, so doctors often prescribe this Active ingredient ratio for patients who have not previously used cannabis as a medicine.

This variety was cultivated by Canamedics Labs, S.L., specifically to meet the needs of initiating patients.

CML012 will be available in the form of a flower in 2024.

Active ingredients

Terpene profile


Product appearance


We are committed to research and development.

We have developed cross-sectional research programs to evaluate all aspects of the high-quality production process.

As a result of these research programs we have developed:

  • A production method of high precision.

  • A selection of premium genetics.

  • The first indoor pharmaceutical cannabis production center in Spain.

  • A solid and robust monitoring and mitigation systems for product contamination risks.

In 2023:

  • We are starting the development of pioneering biomedical research on our products.

  • We continue to develop research programs to optimize and innovate to do our best to improve the lives of patients.

Research & Development

8 CML012 Lana MP12 Pre defoliacion (preflora) (1).jpg

'Agronomic Research under controlled conditions of Cannabis sativa plants'

​Studies developed:

  1. Propagation research.

  2. Biochemical and physiological study of cannabis plants.

  3. Familiarization and development of cannabis flower product 

  4. Crop frame study.


IRTA, CRAG, Medcann, Fundación Canna, Kroptek, Nippon Gas, Laboratorios Echevarne, Advnaced Nutrients.

Research and Development

Complementary studies developed:

  1. Nutrition and fertirigation strategities.

  2. Substrate comparisson study.

  3. Plant behaviour and plant architecture.

  4. Preventive and corrective phytosanitary treatments.

  5. Drying and curing conditions.

  6. Operational timing.

  7. Elements and moments of risk of contamination.

  8. Harvesting methods study.

  9. Dry-trimming vs wet-trimming.

  10. Production ratios.

  11. Waste ratios.


Our Partners

These are just some of the partners with whom

we pride to be working with 

Pharmceutical partners

Agro-pharma partners

Logotipo UE.jpg

Canamedics Labs, S.L. has been a beneficiary of the European Regional Development Fund whose objective is to improve the competitiveness of SMEs and thanks to which it has launched an International Digital Marketing Plan with the aim of improving its online positioning in foreign markets during 2020. To do this, Canamedics Labs has had the support of the XPANDE DIGITAL Program of the Terrassa Chamber of Commerce.

A way to make Europe


Meet the Team


Luis Comas Gómez


Cofounder & CEO

FTLS Advisor. Financial, Tax and Legal services background (at PwC).

Law Degree and Master in Tax Consulting & Management at ESADE University.

Master in Digital & Inbound Marketing at INESDI Digital Business School.

Strategic, Financial and Marketing vision.

Álvaro y Luis_edited_edited.jpg

Álvaro Comas


Cofounder & Chief Legal and Regulatory Affairs

Corporate Lawyer. Legal and corporate services background (at Cuatrecasas).

Law Degree and Master in Tax Consulting & Management at ESADE University.

Strategic, commercial, legal and negotiation vision.

Pharmaceutical regulatory know-how.


Jordi de Dalmases